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Probably the most critical element in any jewelry production is the production of the control sample. With a proper control sample, when the production is given out to the worker he (or she) can be directed to "make it like this".


Approving a sample before production will result in a much lower percentage of problems than any other method of manufacture, as both the worker and the QC department have clear guidelines.

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We work on the basis of a job order charge which covers the management of the individual style produced as well as a standard markup on labor and materials. The metals component may vary from production to production based on fluctuation in final weights and changes in precious metals pricing.


At the time of an order, we generally require a 50% deposit, which will lock in the silver (or gold) pricing to the date of the order.


Minimum Order Quantities for production pricing is usually around 20 per style.  Depending on the type of jewelry, additional Job Order charges may be added if smaller production quantities are requested. If the production is delivered in Bali rather than being directly exported, it is necessary to charge a 10% PPN local tax.

Minimum Order for Private Label Production : $1000


Production times normally vary between 4 and 8 weeks from the point at which all components and stones are received. depending also on whether castings or assembly of multiple components are required. There are certain holidays in Indonesia, particularly Ramadan (Muslim), and Galungan (Hindu) which can slow down production if they occur during an order.


Terms are not extended on Private Label production. We require full payment received before shipping.


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